Security, Privacy and Cookies
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Website Security

In this age of online frauds happening almost daily, we take your security very seriously.

Many websites you visit will only use the secure socket layer (SSL) mode, that securely encrypts your communications with the website, for the payment pages.

We aren't like that. We secure ALL of your communications with the website so that you can assured that you can move around our site in the knowledge that your web browser is totally secure talking to us.

You can see when you are secure and encrypted because the padlock symbol appears on your browser address bar. Many modern web browsers are now alerting their users when they visit a website that isn't using SSL to encrypt communications. You will never see that with us!

Privacy Details

We only hold the minimum amount of data for you when you make a booking with us. What we do hold is kept encrypted on our systems. We never hold credit card details or passwords.

We anonymise the tiny amount of data we do hold 60 days after your tour has completed unless you have asked to be on our mailing list.


We use a small number of cookies to help us make the website work at its best for you.

They are totally anonymous, and simply allow us to deliver a great experience to you.

Specifically they are as follows