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10 great reasons to come on tour with us

  • It's easy, just book and go - avoid the fuss of route planning, traffic queues, parking fees and driving on seriously scary Lake District roads by just getting on our bus, relaxing and enjoying the spectacular views. We know where to go and what to do, you just book the day and tour and we will do the rest.
  • Small groups mean friendly tours - all of our tours are limited to 6-7 guests by design, we even bought the buses specifically with this in mind so that you are part of a small, friendly group of like-minded people with lots of opportunities to talk to us and each other.
  • Local is important - we are all local and share a passion for the Lake District which we can't wait to share with you. We have all spent years in the Lakes, exploring, researching, finding hidden gems, secret spots, fascinating facts and fabulous places to eat, sleep and be amazed. We want you to fall in love with the Lakes just as much as we all have.
  • Happy guides and happy guests - we all had previous "lives" before we joined English Lakes Tours. Our wide and varied backgrounds mean that we are all very experienced, have very broad range of interests, and are educated to Masters or PhD level. One of the best bits about our job is that we get to talk with our guests and have conversations about all sorts of things and on many levels, it makes going to work something to look forward to. We can't wait to meet you.
  • Trained professionals - we are trained on professional courses provided by one of the best guide training companies in the world to keep you safe, entertained and well informed. Also, help with our ongoing research, we have access to our own company library of over 4000 books, online journals and research materials, university library resources and our own developing archive of Lake District images. This is what makes our guides and tours so exceptional.
  • We care - we listen to feedback from you to make any changes that will make the tours even better because we really care about your experience and your time with us. Our focus is on you and the things that you enjoy.
  • Unusual and Unique - one thing that makes our tours stand out and be so popular is that they are totally unique. Everywhere you go in the Lake District, the surrounding countryside is breathtakingly beautiful and this is a feature of all our tours. What makes us so different and successful, is that we have the countryside as a backdrop in addition to our themes. So, Beatrix Potter tours are all about Beatrix Potter; our Brontë tours are all about the lives of the Brontës; and guess where we go on our Hadrian's Wall tours. Our scenic tours are second to none because they concentrate on, yes, you guessed it, stunningly spectacular scenery. We don't believe in catchy titles just to hook you in. Yes, we take you to see breathtaking countryside but we also actually do what the tour says we do, we go to the places, get to know the people, tell you the stories, give you the facts, show you things that other tour companies miss and give you the Wow moments - all in friendly comfort and style.
  • Updated and upgraded - every one of our tours is regularly updated, our buses, technology, knowledge and safety. Not for us a tour created years ago and never changed, we keep making our tours better and more successful. To help you keep in touch, we have added phone charging points and Wi-Fi to our buses.
  • Highlights and insights - unlike many other tour descriptions, ours tell you the highlights and itinerary so that you know what you will see and what to expect, we don't just make it up on the day. We know that it is easy to just follow a route, visiting a long list of places but that is like watching a film with no sound or subtitles, you just don't get it. Our tours make the difference with our drivers and guides so you know where you are and why you are there, the best photo spots, best places to eat, all the stories, all the knowledge and those memorable Wow moments.
  • Giving back - one thing that we are all passionate about is giving something back to and supporting our local businesses, wildlife and attractions. We aren't the type of company who are happy to exploit the Lake District purely for our own profit. We refuse to expect the people and places we visit to give us so much without us giving them something back in return which is why we are corporate and individual members of over 20 local charities, organisations and societies.