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We take your enjoyment and safety very seriously and so we go to great lengths to ensure that our tours are of the highest standard possible. This is how we do it:

  • Your safety is very important to us and so all our drivers are qualified and licensed to carry passengers. They are required to have a great deal of experience in driving in the Lake District, sometimes in challenging and potentially dangerous conditions.
  • All our vehicles are less than three years old and are regularly checked and maintained by independent motor vehicle specialists for roadworthiness and safety.
  • Unlike most other Lake District tour companies, all our non-scenic tours have a separate guide so that the driver's concentration is 100% on the road and your safety. This also means that the guide can spend all their time talking with you on the subjects that interest you.
  • Our guides go through a rigorous training procedure to ensure that they have the most accurate and relevant knowledge and customer care skills to make your tour with us memorable and enjoyable. To be selected to join our team, they are all required to have a strong customer focused and academic background relevant to the heritage, conservation and culture of the Lake District. They all have Masters degrees in their relevant subjects, one even has a PhD although he is a Physicist so we don't count him! :)
  • Our guide will stay with you for almost all of your tour. We don't drop you at a village, for example, and say "go take a look and be back in 20 minutes", our guide will take you on a walking tour of that village and point out all the interesting things to see. Our aim is always to give you the maximum enjoyment from time spent with us.
  • Group sizes are intentionally kept small so that everyone in the group can feel free to discuss things with the guide and other group members, or ask questions. This also allows us to flex the tour, if needed, to accommodate a client's specific interests. Youy will never be in a group of more than 7 people.
  • Each tour is researched and planned extensively and in great detail. Locations, routes, timings, contingencies and costs are all rigorously tried and tested. They are then recorded in real time and this is passed onto our head office for scrutiny and best value. If necessary, changes are made and only when these experienced tour providers are completely happy does each tour get approved.
  • We are constantly monitoring and improving our tours so that we keep up the highest standard possible. We listen to your feedback and reviews in order to provide exactly what you want and ensure that you get the best possible experience of the beautiful English Lake District.

If you are still not convinced that our tours are excellent then please take some time to read our reviews on TripAdvisor, you can see some of them lower down this page.